Foundations and aims

Foundations and aims

The basis of our current as well as future work are the achievements and success of the past. These primarily rest on two pillars: the field of complementary and natural medicine and the field of evidence-based medicine.

The field of complementary and natural medicine is represented by the Vaccentis subsidiary FBM-PHARMA in Ludwigshafen/Germany. The core area here is the researching and manufacturing of individual medicines such as AHIT® and urexent® for the permanent correction of disorders in the immune system. Persons with atopic or autoimmune diseases such as neurodermatitis, allergies, psoriasis, asthma or rheumatism are primarily addressed here.

In the field of evidence-based medicine, the VCC Medical Group with its companies VCC Medical N.V. in Maastricht / Netherlands and VCC Medical Deutschland GmbH in Ludwigshafen / Germany continues the promising work with the Reniale® medication in the field of evidence-based medicine, which is an individual therapy in the post-operative follow-up therapy of patients after removal of the renal cell carcinoma, and is dedicated to the development of new therapies for treatment of malignant diseases.

The joint superstructure of the two areas, namely the development and production of patient-specific medications, is the guarantee that the proven medications will be developed consistently in both areas of autologous patient treatment. We want to make our contribution to more chances of recovery in the area of chronic and malignant diseases.

You can find more information on our subsidiaries on the page "Divisions/products" on this website or on the subsidiaries' own websites (see links).