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Vaccentis AG connects the development of different pharmaceutical companies, which have already demonstrated verifiable success, under one roof: FBM-PHARMA GmbH in Ludwigshafen and the VCC Medical Group in Maastricht/Ludwigshafen.

Both companies have reached essential target markets with various approaches to natural and conventional medicine. FBM-PHARMA has been extremely profitable on the market for years, while VCC Medical works on the basis of an already clinically proven medication.

Investor contributions to Vaccentis are primarily used to expand the European infrastructure as well as to fund the licensing procedures of a medication whose efficiency has already been proven. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to invest in new developments of modern drugs based on the well-known mode of action of already established drugs.

Vaccentis AG has set itself the goal of operating both success concepts by enhancing the synergy potential and ensuring optimised business management.

By investing in Vaccentis AG you are also accepting social and ethical responsibility: you are helping fight against serious and extremely serious illnesses, for which no, or only insufficient therapy, has so far existed. You will benefit from both dimensions of success - the economic as well as the humane.

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