Mission and Vision

Words which are very important, yet their use implies a certain degree of self-evidence when it comes to stopping the existing and increasing spreading of chronic as well as serious diseases. In this regard, medical-pharmaceutical research and therapy have become a special obligation.

Vaccentis has already ensured this through its subsidiaries. We will, of course, continue to ensure that trust, quality, integrity and perfection are inseparably associated with our name. We consider ourselves as pioneers and trend-setters. We develop ideas, products and therapies. In accordance with this we have optimally adapted our organisational structure to the future technical challenges. In this respect we can be extremely proud of what we have achieved so far.

In the field of management too, quality and perfection are a fundamental part of daily work. Short decision-making processes and a targeted use of human, financial and production resources are our top priority. Continuous growth supports commercial optimisation. Our investors and business partners acknowledge that our working methods are economically sound and that we achieve corresponding growth rates. In principle, Vaccentis is committed to Corporate Governance.

Internal and external training courses ensure our high standard of quality over the long-term. We consider the low staff turnover as proof of our staff satisfaction.