VCC Medical N.V.

VCC Medical N.V. – Continuing the road to success

Vaccentis has taken over a tried and tested medicine, which has achieved remarkable results in autologous application after successful surgical treatment of non-metastasized renal cell carcinoma, through its subsidiary VCC. In this respect, it is also taking a forward-looking path which places its hopes in the so-called "biologicals".

Reniale® has already completed a national phase III study in Germany which provides evidence of the positive therapy results. The multi-centric study was published in 2004 in the renowned medical journal "The Lancet". Reniale® is administered as post-operative medication after kidney removal in order to reduce the risk of progression.

VCC Medical N.V. therefore assumes responsibility for the further development of a completely new substance class. The company exclusively holds all patient and development data which is required for the production and market launch of the medication.

Thanks to its sister company FBM-Pharma, VCC Medical N.V. has many years of sound experience in the production of biological medication at its disposal. The positioning of the business in the Biopartner Center Maastricht (University of Maastricht) has made further logistic as well as technical partnerships possible.